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    Why is indesign making text red?

    Fergus Velour

      I've imported text from MSWord, and mostly it's behaving itself. I've created several styles for headers, body text, letters that must be distinct from body text etc.


      I just tried changing a paragraph from its imported state to my created 'Letters' paragraph style - as I have done fifty times or more for this document already - and it has come out very strangely. The first two sentences have changed as required, but the next few have been turned into red text with some of the new characteristics but not all.


      FWIW, here's the offending text, between the lines of asterisks. The first two sentences have been 'allowed' but the rest have been displayed in red:


      I imagine that I was once told by your sister Elizabeth that you had never been baptized nor confirmed. Allow me to urge upon you the immense importance of both. Without Baptism and the Holy Communion we know from Holy Scripture that none can be saved. So that the neglect of these puts us in awful peril. Do attend to this for your own sake. Please endeavour to partake very frequently of the Eucharist as it is the chief means whereby you will obtain the aid of the Holy Spirit to please God, and at last obtain Everlasting life. Excuse this long sermon. I have done now.



      I've looked through Preferences for spelling and grammar highlighting but none should apply to these sentences. (I'm in Australia, using UK English.)


      All help greatly appreciated.



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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Do the offending paragraphs have a pink background? If so, it means you don't have those fonts installed.


          If that's not the case, put your curser in the words/paragraphs and check the Character and Paragraph Styles to see if a color is being applied to the words.

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            Fergus Velour Level 1

            No, the font is Adobe Caslon Pro, and it's been installed and working for years.


            I just checked the colour in Paragraph Styles, it's black. However, in Character Styles it's tagged with a style unknown to me called 'Review Comments Char' and *that* has colour - red as part of its description. Maybe if I simply delete that style from the Character palette...?


            A-ha! Deleting that style has allowed the red text to become black and keep the para formatting as desired. Thank you