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    Motion Tween Not Working

    lagans03021975 Level 1

      I created a motion tween and followed all the steps perfectly and correctly. I also did not forget to convert the circle into a symbol and also inserted a key frame. I am actually working with multiple layers and when I start the animation the circle does not move. I basically want to make a moving car on the ground. And btw if anyone knows any shortcut or trick or how to work without using layers then please let me know. So my detailed animation is here- A car is moving on a road and it crashes with a pillar and a star thingy animation comes out to show that the car has crashed into the pillar and its pieces are scattered here and there.

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          lagans03021975 Level 1

          Aaaa forgot to say thank you!

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            1. Is all of the animation on the same timeline?

            2. When you test your animation are you using Test Movie... or are you playing the timeline?

            3. When you animate on the timeline, each tweened object needs to be in a separate layer. One object per tween.

            4. When you use Test Movie... do you get any errors? If so, what are they?

            5. Can you show a screenshot of your timeline?

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              lagans03021975 Level 1

              1. Cant clearly understand what you mean, but all the objects are not on the same layer

              2. I usually play on the timeline itself

              3. Yes, thats what I do

              4. Nope...No Errors

              5. How do I post a screenshot? I joined the forums yesterday only and this is my first post...Sorry!


              My program is Flash CC v15.0.0.173 and I use a macbook pro and the version is os x el capitan v10.11.2

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                robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                1. Did you create any movieClips that contain animation and then place an instance of the movieClip on the timeline?

                2. If you use Test Movie... from the Control menu does the animation play differently and/or do you see any errors?

                5. Take a screenshot of your screen, Command-Shift-3 or Command-Shift-4 on your mac, and then post it in the message reply using the camera icon at the top of the message space.

                If you are following a tutorial, can you tell us what tutorial that is?

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                  lagans03021975 Level 1

                  1. No movie clips, but I am trying to do something like when it touches the pillar the screen goes black and blinking stars will come. Any help with this is appreciated

                  2.I tried to use test movie and no errors [ Just asking, is the shortcut for test movie Command+Enter?]

                  3. Ok so i managed to take a screenshot and found the icon but when I click on insert image it doesn't do anything


                  Nope, I am not following any tutorial


                  Thank You

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                    robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                    In your first message you said that you created a tween and followed all of the steps correctly, so I thought that you might be following a tutorial. I can't really tell what the problem is with your tween without something to work with other than your description.

                    When you hit the reply button and get the reply window, and then hit the camera icon, you should get a new window that opens on top to allow you to select an image file to include in the message.


                    Yes, Test Movie... is Command-Enter.


                    Can you place the screen shot and/or a zipped copy of your movie on a server so that we can download it?