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    Graphics card : Quadro K6000 or gtx titan x ?



      I'm switching to a new machine : bi xeon 2690 64go SSD.. , and i'm looking for a new GPU and i can get a QUADRO K6000 (700€) or a GTX TITAN X (800-700€)  so between this two GPU witch one is better for 4K content ?




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          adobe doesn't use most of the advanced features of the quadro's, so gtx cards are often used/recommended here. the gtx 980 ti is another gpu around those prices or might be less where you are at. it only has 6gb of vram and might be 10-15% slower than the Titan X. if you want/need the quadro's features for other software, or 10bit display for adobe, then the price you list for the K6000 is good for a quadro.