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    Suspected Bug: Spot Color QR Code generated (and exported from) ID as EPS not keeping its spot color

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      Hello all.


      I'm in the middle of testing a javascript that will export QR codes in a database to various formats (eps, jpg, png, pdf). The script allows the user to apply a color to the code, something that Data Merge does not allow for. One-off QR codes can be colorised, but not during a data merge.


      That said, I have been testing the eps export and noticed that it kept exporting as RGB, despite using the correct export settings. To confirm I wasn't going insane, I made a control file that was a brand new document, with one QR code on the page that has a spot color applied to it.

      01.png02.png  03.png

      I then exported the page as an eps file using the following settings:


      However, when I opened the file up in Illustrator (or even placed the eps back into ID as a graphic) the spot was no longer spot, it had become RGB.


      Back into InDesign, I did something very minor, I drew a rectangle with the same spot color fill in it and placed it underneath the QR code.


      When it exported as an eps this time, the spot color DID remain.


      I tried the same thing but instead of the spot color rectangle at the bottom, I colored it to paper. When importing into Illustrator, I received a message that the incoming graphic had a mix of RGB and CMYK and was prompted to choose a color model.


      When the QR code was colored with a CMYK breakdown rather than a spot, the CMYK breakdown imported correctly (i.e. it didn't color shift from RGB back to CMYK, it maintained the CMYK values originally in ID)


      Is anyone able to replicate the fault and confirm this as a bug? Or is there something wrong with my version?