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    Sign out after SendDocument

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      I am developing a custom CRM which allows users to send out documents for signature.


      There are instances where the device that sends the document for signature is to be used to sign the document, for example if a signee is in the office or the signature is being done 'in the field' and the signee doesn't have a data signal on their device. Whatever the reason we have a lot of instances where the device that sends the document is to be used to sign the document.


      There is an issue in that once you send a document using the SOAP API you seemingly stayed logged in to EchoSign, so when you hand over the device and the signee signs in to their email and clicks on the 'sign your document' link they are taken to a page telling them they are already signed in to EchoSign and need to sign out. But, if the colleague/sender then goes to the EchoSign site to sign out so that the document can be signed they are apparently not signed in. So they think 'maybe I can just sign in and sign out..', so they click Sign In and are just met with a blank page...then things start getting really messy.


      Is there a way to sign out after sending?


      Many thanks,