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    Image restrictions


      Do any of the additional restrictions from section 3.1 from 'Adobe_Stock_Terms_en_US-20150313_hpc.pdf' apply to pharmaceutical usage? example : Using 'Work' to portray person in photo  as suffering from, or medicating for, a physical or mental ailment?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would say if the image is used as intended by the contributor there would be no problem. Also assuming that the pharmaceutical products/services are widely recognized and recommended by the medical profession and are not showing the person in a view they may not wish to be seen in.


          Example 1: A person in a photo that obviously suffering from a headache (you can often tell just by the contributors key words) used in context of medication for headaches would be probably fine.


          Example 2: A photo of a seemingly healthy middle-aged man looking all happy used in a product such as Viagra may not be acceptable as the model may not wish to be associated with that type of product.

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            yhadelaide Level 1

            Thank you for reply, could you give further clarification...


            As in example 2 above, would we be covered to use similar images to portray persons 'living with' or treating diseases/conditions such as, Diabetes, IBS or Cancer, or any other medical condition, if we used a disclaimer, such as "*Not actual patient"?

            ( A 'Sensitive Use Disclaimer' is part of the License agreement with other Stock Photo Libraries)