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    re: text goes crazy when exported to fixed layout epub and I am going crazy... please help!


      Hi all - I am new to this community and I apologize in advance if this is a question that has been discussed before, but I did trysearching the forum to find an answer, but wasn't too lucky...


      Anyhow, here is what's dragging me down now. I have been using InDesign CC - Fixed Layout ePub - iPad size - No Primary Text Frame option.


      Some pages I have text only, while other pages have text on top of image files. The fonts I am using are 1) Times New Roman 2) Impact 3) Comic Sans


      When I try export to fixed layout ePub, this is what happens:


      1. Using Kindle Previewer (both online & PC version) and view as "Kindle devices" - Open ePub I just exported - text either 1) overlaps 2) goes missing 3) goes out of place & IMPACT text overlaps the most especially in uppercase / Times New Roman - a few overlaps & going out of place / Comic Sans - some overlaps

      2. Create an AZK file using Kindle Previewer and view using "Amazon Kindle" app on iPad and iPhone - IMPACT is the only font overlapping

      3. It looks flawless on Calibre and ADE 4.0


      My thoughts are:


      1) IMPACT is not compatible with Kindle devices

      2) If only Kindle Previewer is displaying problems, can it be 100% reliable? I wonder if this is what it would look like on actual devices, but I have no way to find out (I have no Kindle readers)...



      So it looks like above... row 7 is the best - I typed "fish" 4 times and that's what happened lol


      I really don't understand what's going on... if anybody could please shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it... I've come to the point where I'd just make them all into JPEG files and create an ePub containing just image files haha...