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    symbol properties - making rollovers

    bdaul Level 1
      OK...spend at least 4 hours on trying to get this to work...watched Lynda.com...here is the problem:

      I am trying to create a horizontal menu bar. with effect when rolling OVER a button.

      I have LAYER 1 with a BUTTON SYMBOL (I converted a graphic button with text "HOME" on it...entered via "T" tool).

      from ORIGINAL - If I click on the button symbol the properties window had the STATE OVER / IMPORT BUTTON window. I then click to choose OVER...of course my yellow button and text HOME disappear (just white background...nothing!)...then the COPY UP GRAPHIC selector apprears. When I hit COPY UP GRAPHIC...only the text HOME appears...the yellow button is not visible.

      WHAT is going on...what am I doing wrong?

      Other facts...

      I see my BUTTON SYMBOL in the LAYERS list...it is in LAYER>Layer 1

      The normal state says Page = 1, STATES = State 1, then a "7" on the right near a little ball icon

      When I double click on the yellow button symbol + to get the PROPERTIES window...then the STATES menu now has States 1 through 4 with STATE 1 highlighted

      when I click on OVER then STATE 2 is highlighted NONE of the little round ball icons have a dot it them...

      WHEN I click on COPY UP GRAPHIC then HOME text appears and in the STATES status...with the list of STATES 1 - 4 ... THERE IS NOW a dot in the white circle for STATE 1.

      I TRIED MY BEST here to describe my situation...I am so frustrated from the amount of time and emotional energy I have expended here...THANKS for any suggestions!