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    OLAP Data Grid Interactivity

      Right now i am working with OLAP Data Grid, I found some difficulties to work with OLAP data grid
      1. Performance, it seems slow for large amount of data (already i was posted this issue, now its processing).
      2. Which kind of data can be passed to OLAP datagrid. Now i used xml based data, but i need to implement paging concept along with this OLAP data grid control. With the present Xml i can't able to use the paging concept.
      XML Used,
      <Data><Row> <id> 1</id> <val>Guna </val> </Row> </Data
      this was the only xml type i got from OLAP Sample.
      If i implement the paging concept using the above xml, it gives wrong visualization.
      3. I found some other tool for OLAP, they are giving different methods/Options to improve the performance, and also they are giving more interactivity like draging across rows and columns. but we are interest to use the ADOBE product. the below url
      http://www.datadynamics.com/Products/DC/Showcase/DC3Showcase.html shows one of the OLAP example.

      Gunasekaran Sambandhan