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    Filter solr <cfsearch> results


      I am trying to filter search results within a solr search built in Coldfusion 10.


      Apparently, the Coldfusion version of solr does not have the fq= (filter query) attribute, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to tell the search to only include records with a particular variable value.


      <cfsearch name="getData" collection="MyCollection" criteria="#myCriteria# and custom1:#URL.myVariable#" maxrows="800" status="info" orderby="customvariable_s" contextBytes="80000" contextPassages="1" suggestions="always" />


      I have stored a particular variable in "custom1" and want to search the collection using the criteria from a form (#myCriteria#), but only include items with the corresponding "custom1" value. Is there any way to do this?