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    How do show a preview of my brochure/flyer in "3d?"




      I've created a brochure that I would like to show in a "fancy", three-dimensional layout instead of the usual flat image on my screen.

      Something like this: http://cdn.idesignow.com/public_html/img/2011/10/tri-fold-corporate-brochure-template-4.jp g

      Or https://d3ui957tjb5bqd.cloudfront.net/images/screenshots/products/8/84/84670/02_design-f.j pg?1394913948

      Or http://cdn.idesignow.com/public_html/img/2011/10/001-bi-fold-corporate-brochure-template-v ol-1-2.jpg

      Or https://cdn.designsrazzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/trifold-brochure-psd-template.jpg

      My question is how can I do this?  I'm relatively new to InDesign and was hoping someone could help.