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    Scaling illustrator files containing linked images within indesign


      Hi there,


      I have a question about scaling illustrator files containing linked images within indesign.


      The situation:


      I have an indesign file which is going to be printed at large scale - 3m x 2m for a wall vinyl, large format. The file is set to actual size.


      Within the indesign file I have a placed/linked an Illustrator file containing a number of linked images. These images are very high resolution and are saved at 300dpi.


      This illustrator file has been scaled up 4000% in Indesign. On exporting the indesign file as a pdf using (PDF/x-1a:2001) settings, will the images within the illustrator file scale up correctly? and will they print at a suitable ppi - 200 - 300?



      Thanks in advance