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    Field Name is Null


      I am trying to fix a form with an autofill script. In the console, I keep getting "TypeError: CompName is null" (CompName being the name of the field).

      Now the weird thing is, once I go into Prepare Form to edit the field properties, I no longer get this error and the script works perfectly. It only happens when I just open the document. Almost like I have to "wake" the script up or something, haha.


      The original script isn't mine and it works fine in it's original document. We had to update with a new form because of the new year so I removed one page and added another. That's when the problem started. I've checked the field names to match, tried rewriting the script, changing the actions, updating acrobat, updating my computer, standing on one leg, etc.


      I honestly don't want to settle on "corrupted file" but if no one else has an idea what it might be then I will have to resort to that. Please let me know your thoughts!

      Thank you!