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    Sound escaping from movieclips!

      What I have done so far:
      -I created 64 movieclips: the first frame is empty, the second one has an image, so the moving is just that image appearing. The movieclips are placed in the scene to form a smooth image, like puzzle-pieces fitting together perfectly. So, after playing each movieclip, the user can see the whole image. The instances are named and the names made into an array. I created a function that will pick randomly from the array and play the movieclips one by one, always at random. This works.

      -I want to attach a unique sound to each movieclip, so when the image appears, a sound is heard. When I do this the "regular" way to just one movieclip and test, the sound plays in each movieclip, even when the movieclip with the sound hasn't even played yet! This isn't working correctly. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I can show the code and the movie so far if need be, but I'd really like help, and my university computer technician didn't know what was the problem either.

      The problem seems so illogical, how can the sound just steal away from its movieclip and make a mess all over the scene?