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    Using Java Script to change the value of a check box


      I am creating a fillable .PDF form that contains about 35 questions. Depending on how the questions are answered, the applicant may need to provide supporting documentation. A very large portion of the questions are simply YES or NO. When the applicant finishes the form, the last page is a checklist that identifies, based on the responses to the questions, a ticked check list of items that must accompany the application.


      What I am trying to accomplish is to change the value of a "check box" object to YES or NO based on the state of another "check box".


      I envision code that is an IF, THEN, ELSE statement. "IF Check Box 0 = YES, Check Box 3 = YES, Else Check Box 3 = NO"


      I have not coded in Java Script and I have been unsuccessful in finding out how to change the state of a "check box" object based on the state of another "check box" object in my research. I feel like it would be similar to if/then/else in VB or SQL.


      Your assistance will be appreciated.