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    Why can't I add my own music to videos?

    truemarmalade Level 1

      I have songs downloaded to my device and am able to select them to replace the default music in premiere clips, but it doesn't actually switch the music. Am I not being patient enough as the app analyzes the tunes to automatically cut to the beat? Are there licensing issues with songs saved from Apple Music? Is there any way at all to change from the handful of default music options?


      Chime in if anyone else has had success with how to make this happen. Googling did not give me any luck.

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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Erik,


          You can replace the default Premiere Clip Themes with music stored on your device.Are you having trouble with adding your own music from your device's iTunes Library, or from Apple Music? (I ask because Premiere Clip does not currently support music streaming from Apple Music, so any soundtrack you would like to add needs to be synced to your device through iTunes.)


          Please let us know which app you are trying to use so that we can help you troubleshoot.




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            truemarmalade Level 1

            It appears as though Apple Music is the culprit. I was under the impression that if song files were downloaded to my device, Premiere Clips could use them regardless of where they are from. I was unaware of the DRM involved.

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              HusnaaV Level 1

              How Do I add my music that is in Adobe Creative Cloud Assest files into premire Pro?


              I'm not sure how to add my own music?


              I want to add music that I have rights to. I don't see an option to upload my own music. Can you please help me?


              Please advise on this process.

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                petergaraway Adobe Employee

                Hello Rasheed,


                The easiest way to import files stored on your Creative Cloud account within Premiere Pro is to go to the Media Browser and navigate to your 'Creative Cloud Files' folder located in your Users folder (/Users/[username]/Creative Cloud Files/.

                If you don't see your Creative Cloud folder there you may not have syncing enabled or the Creative Cloud desktop app installed (download here: https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud 

                Once installed, the Creative Cloud app will appear in your menu bar. Click on the gear icon and then Preferences. Click on the Files tab and make sure that Sync is enabled.


                Hope this helps!




                Peter Garaway

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                  ravip67953795 Level 1



                  I have a similar problem but with songs purchased and downloaded from Google Play on my Android device. In Adobe Clip, the only available option I see is to use the default Clip songs, Playlists, Albums etc is greyed out as if I don't have any, but I do have a song on Google Play.


                  Please let me know how I can use purchased Google Play songs in my Adobe Clip videos.




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                    yearbookelevation Adobe Community Professional





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                      johnm20223035 Level 1

                      This doesnt answer the question which was asked.


                      The issue according to the FAQ, is that it will only show audio which has synced with the Device Music Library.


                      Who came up with that idea i dont know, but its really .....!


                      I have been waiting for Google Play Music to sync the audio  i added to a playlist, for 6 hours. I have no idea if they have synced, or how to even work out if theu are synced.


                      But regardless, they still dont show up in Adobe Clip.


                      This method of adding audio needs to be scrapped, and a normal file browser added. DRM is the responsibility of users and copyright holders, we arent children who need nannying with these kind of restrictions ..which do nothing but force users onto different platforms.


                      Once a user has ditched one program in a media group, the rest will soon be replaced too, to maintain interconnectivity