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    Can't Move Files RH7 and VSS 6

      Greetings all. We're currently exploring using source control for our documentation. Since we already have a Source Safe implemented, we're trying that first. I'm testing out our normal workflows using a dummy file, and most things work well. However, I can't get files to move between directories. For example, If I have File_A in Folder_1 and try to move it to Folder_2, it won't move. RoboHelp prompts me to check out the necessary files, checks them out, but will not move the files.

      I've tried checking out the entire project, but from RoboHelp and in Source Safe. I've tried manual check out of the files involved. Nothing seems to work. Are there certain rights I need in SourceSafe to move files between directories like this? Does this Source Safe version just not support this action?

      Thanks in advance for any help.