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    why doesn't autoimport work?

    merrymar Level 1

      Following the directions from the LR File panel at "autoimport" doesn't make sense. To set up a watched folder requires it to be empty, but advertises that it will sense a card (which will have folders) in a computer slot. Then setup says the folder must be empty.


      Trying to make all this work, I put an empty card in the slot and for setup selected the card's empty DCIM/100EOS7D folder. LR accepted that as the empty folder. Then enabling it with the checkbox at the top was accepted by LR. But when I tried to eject the empty card I got an error message that the card was in use (no other programs using it). So I had to close and restart LR, and it could then eject OK.


      Next I put into that slot a card with photos in its DCIM/100EOS7D folder and waited and waited. No reaction from LR, which was already running (CC 6.3 on Win 7 Pro).


      I'm convinced that I'm not doing what's expected, but I've tried this time and again over the years and never got it to work. Why don't the instructions treat the setup using a card slot, and use words that describe what's going to happen with the card when inserted? If it takes setup with an empty card, say so. But I've proved that's not enough, or not right in the first place.


      If anyone has this working, I'll be happy to read about a process that works. The published directions are totally confusing. J Kost video has nothing on it and even V Bampton's huge book just repeats the Adobe instructions. Thanks in advance for solving this.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          The "Watched" folder needs to be in your computer system. Eg. on the desktop. (Not on a camera card or in a connected camera)

          You need to use the OS to drag or copy&paste the images from the camera card into the "Watched" folder using camera software or simply with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder .

          Then when Lr is running it will take the images out of the "Watched" folder and Import them into the Catalog and the "Destination" folder.


          So "Watched" folder on the computer's hard-drive. (Desktop is convenient!)

          For anyone using a scanner when the scanner setup can define an output folder- this could be the "Watched" folder and every scan would automatically be added into the catalog.