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    InDesign with Suitcase 6 problems?

    tim@heitzmancreative.com Level 1

      To make the latest InDesign version even worse, it does not seem to recognize Suitcase 6, endlessly telling me that fonts are not available. Then it's the beachball freeze. I did not save previous versions of InDesign (that seemed a waste of space) but now am reduce to frequent force-quitting. Oh, and if I want the upper menu of Creative Suite to show up and work, I have to open Activity Monitor and force-quit a random number of Adobe apps running the background.  Jeeeeesh!  Adobe used to be one of the smartest Mac app vendors. Has success ruined everything or is this the future? BTW I am a spoiled graphic designer who's been using InDesign since it was Pagemaker, Illustrator was Freehand.