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    Trimming and Saving Video in Premeire Elements 14

    Jack Benji

      I'm new at this.  I can trim an added media video (highlighted by blue on timeline) but can't save the trimmed area.  I end up saving the entire video with only the trimmed section viewable.  I want to save the trim as 720p MP4 so that I can view it on most video players outside of Premeire Elements environment.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          jack Benji


          Premiere Elements 14 on what computer operating system?


          Where are you working - in the Expert workspace or the Quick workspace? Please consider working in the Expert workspace so that you can see better what is happening and thus have more control of the workflow.


          Let us assume that you are in the Expert view, have your file on Video 1/Audio 1. You trim away parts of the video that you do not want. Can I assume that you delete away the cuts that you do not want?

          Do you want to put all those trims together on that Timeline and then export them all into one 720p file? Or, do you want to export each trim separately one at a time as a 720p file?


          For the moment, we will assume you have put together all the trims on the Timeline and are ready for your export.

          Export & Share



          HD 720 1280 x 720

          The Format is set to MP4 - H.264

          The Quality slider can be set to Low (6 Mbps), Mid (10 Mbps), or High (15 Mbps). That will control the file size of the export.


          If you want to export each of the Timeline Trims separately, then what you do

          a. Set the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar to span just the segment to be exported

          and must do

          b. In the Export & Share area described above, make sure to have a check mark next to the option there named Share Work Area Bar Only.


          Example (not 14/14.1) for Gray Tabs and Work Area Bar - but similar for versions 11 to 14/14.1.


          Please consider, and give more details.  Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            Jack Benji Level 1


            I'm getting confused.  I use Windows 7 Professional. I started fresh and added the entire video (shows as blue).  I dragged it to video1/audio1.  Then I created a start point and end point.  The trimmed video is light blue with the excess dark blue on both sides. This is where I run into problems.  I can't seem to delete the sections left and right of the end points.  So I need to understand how to do that and then how I proceed to save this small trimmed video so that it's now the default 720p MP4 video that I can view in Windows, etc.  Also, when that is done, do you normally go into the Adobe folder and delete the project since you have your video segment?  Ultimately when I perfect that I probably would seam video segments as the next step. Any recommendation on a good tutorial that brings you through the entire process.  I've been googling youtube lessons which is hit or miss.  Thanks, Jack

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the troubleshooting details.


              1. Given you have your video audio file on Video Track 1/Audio Track 1 and you cut it using the scissors tab on the stem of the Timeline Indicator.

              2. At that point you can get rid of the unwanted remaining segments by just right click the segment and selecting Delete (or, as appropriate, Delete and Close Gap).

              3. Move the wanted clip to the beginning of the Timeline. If all you have is that one trimmed clip on the Timeline, then....

              4. Export to 720p as mentioned in post 1.


              Another way...

              1. Import your file Add Media/Files and Folder/Project Assets.Then, instead of dragging the file to the Timeline tracks, double click the file's thumbnail in Project Assets.

              2. That will open the file's Preview Window with Set In Set Out points for trimming the video.

              3. After you have set the Set In Set Out points in the Preview Windows, click and drag the trim from the Preview Window to the Timeline tracks Video Track 1/Audio Track 1. This way there is no excessive baggage to delete.  Place your file at the beginning of the Timeline.

              4. Then export to 720p as mentioned in post 1.


              If you have more than 1 trim on the Timeline and you want to export only one of them, then that is when you use technique of select export that I mentioned in post 1.


              Added note to think about....once you have your trim on the Timeline track, you can drag it out at its ends to recover the whole track that you just trimmed.


              Please go through the above comment by comment, and let me know if you are OK with that information. If not, then please point out what needs more clarification and supplementing.


              Let us see if the above works for you.


              Thank you.



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                Add On to post 3


                Adobe document on the subject of clip trimming...