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    Acrobat DC crashes alot on El Capitan and NO recovery files


      Ok, so Acrobat DC mangles text in pdf (confirmed bug) and there is no work around nor is it high on their list.


      Now it crashes more than usual, and now there are not any files to recover from!!!  Just lost hours of work and then some.

      Architecture: x86_64

      Build: 15.10.20056.167417

      AGM: 4.30.61

      CoolType: 5.14.5



      Where are recovery files (temp files) kept on the Mac?


      Yes, have autosave setup - what I lost was a bunch of pages extracted from a big file and editing them. Was going to cut and paste the updates back to the original file, so had not yet saved the "pages extracted from" file I was editing.


      Doesn't anyone test this stuff?  So it's beta software and we pay monthly for the privilege of getting totally frustrated?  Beta is usually no charge - and as bad as Acrobat DC mangles text and crashes, it's a stretch to even call it beta.  Adobe - can I get the real software that works since I'm paying for it?