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    Creative Cloud for teams

    LEXLY Level 1

      I have a Mac with OS X.10.5 that I changed the hard drive. After installing creative cloud teams and logged (my subscription is active) i have only the possibility of using the trial versions, why?

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          puneeta23771395 Adobe Employee



          Please try following steps to fix it


          Activation issue Mac t/s


          1) Close all adobe related processes in activity monitor (Creative cloud, Core sync, CC library, services for adobe desktop app, adobe desktop service, Adobe IPC broker, AAM updater)

          2) Navigate to following locations and assign the current user full permissions to adobe folders. To navigate click go from menu bar at then click goto.. type /Library/application support/   and click go.

          3) To assign the permission right click on adobe folder and click Get info.. A property window will open. Then click on lock symbol to enable editing. Then click + sign to add your username. Then change read only to read and write. Then click gear symbol at the bottom and click apply to enclosed items and click ok.. Proceed to next step then.

          3) Navigate to following location /Library/application support/adobe and rename Slstore to slstore.old and slcache to slcache.old .

          4) Navigate to ~/Library/application support /adobe/oobe and delete opm.db

          5)Navigate to /etc and open hosts file. Check if it has adobe entries . If no its fine, if yes replace the hosts file with a new hosts file with no adobe entries

          6) Launch cc app and it should work fine


          Note: Please do not skip step 5

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            LEXLY Level 1

            Thank you  a lot

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              puneeta23771395 Adobe Employee

              You are welcome