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    24 Hour Metadata - Time Lapse Support


      Hello all,


      I'm Aria. New to the site. But not new to filming/photography.


      I tried searching this forum to see if I could find my answers without posting, but couldn't find what I was looking for.


      I have a time lapse camera that is running every 3 minutes for the last 3 months. This is what my client wants.

      It's running on a harbortronics casing and I have a team of guys who swap out the SD cards every 2 weeks.

      Downloading the footage via usb 2.0 is a nightmare so switching out the SD cards is a lot quicker.




      I'm running 480 pictures per day and 14,400 pictures per month.

      As an experiment, I'm interested to create a time lapse by selecting an image at a specific time of day per 24 hours.

      So I have one picture, starting on Dec 1st, at 3:02pm, and then Dec 2nd at 3:02pm and so forth and so on.


      Is there a feature in LightRoom or another program that will help me find every 480 pictures, WITHOUT having to manually search through thousands and thousands of pictures?


      Any support would be great!!