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    Idea for new Adobe app, if not any...

    Gorgoyle9 Level 1

      I worked on my digital comic at my place and did great job on my Desktop PC Win10 and Adobe CC. I tweaked all artwork colors right, my system is by default calibrated but when I was testing my artwork on other device, my Windows Phone I saw that my digital comic main character have quiet different colors of his toon face.


      I was wondering and thinking that would be great if Adobe create some color calibration tool for all mobile digital devices or better say all "digital display" devices.


      I wanna that my future online readers have same impression and same experience through whole world.


      I know for PDF usage but this time is about simple jpg picture which I wanna to look same on all digital screen devices. PNG cant do the job, cause some SMART TVs with ability to view pictures or browse the web simply not have support for PNG images, those SMART TVs can see and display only jpg pictures.