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    import issues from 2nd internal hard drive or iphone


      Overnight I've suddenly had a change in Lightroom import. My PC (win 10 OS) running latest updated version of Lightroom CC has 2 drives, normal C drive and a second hard drive 'O:' that I store all images on.


      This morning, I tried to import images from my iPhone to lightroom before I updated the phone. 5 photos import, then it hangs. Tried loads of times, same thing every time. Moved photos from iPhone to my O: drive, into a folder that contained my last backup of photos from the iPhone. Navigate to that folder in Lightroom, grey screen. Lots of images with tick boxes but no previews at all. cancelled import, Lightroom hung. Wouldn't restart. Had to restart PC. Same thing. Tried importing from a folder on the C drive - all images instantly appear with previews. Tried importing randomly from O: drive - all grey boxes, no previews, lightroom hangs, have to restart PC.


      Open another catalogue that has professional images on rather than personal stuff, I can see all the previously imported images on the O: drive, and work on them.


      Any ideas?!