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    InDesign CS6 crashing on opening, works on other user account, help?




      I use InDesign every day, have had my Macbook since September and have had no problems with opening the program at all until about 2 weeks ago. It pops up with the opening graphic with all the licensing info, and about 5 seconds later a window opens saying 'InDesign quit unexpectedly', along with loads of text about threads, frameworks and the rest. (A copy of the text is available at InDesign Crash Info - Pastebin.com in case anybody can somehow pick something out of this!)


      I've tried resetting all my preferences and reinstalling the whole of CS6. I've also had a problem with fonts in the past so I've deleted all my additional fonts and now only have the default font library. The only way I could get it to work is by setting up another user account, and now it opens properly but only when using this account. It's just a pain in the *** having to keep switching between user accounts all the time! I wasn't sure if there may be a quick fix to this rather than having to transfer all my files, preferences etc from one account to the other and basically starting a new account from scratch.


      Any help would be super appreciated.