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    Resubmit a submitted file




      I hope someone can help me with this problem.


      I have a file with a few text fields that have a validation script on them and 3 submit buttons.

      Someone fills the file, presses the first button and submits it to a certain person. (all works great until now)

      After this person receives it, he must press one of the other 2 buttons and submit the file to someone else (a 3rd person).

      The problem is that nothing happens.


      Code below


      Validation on text field:

      var numeAngajat = false;

      if (event.value != "")


          numeAngajat = true;



      Script on submit buttons (it the same on all 3 buttons):


      if (numeAngajat && numeTeamLeader && departament && numarZileConcediu && startConcediu && endConcediu && inlocuitor && data && this.getField("tipConcediu").value != "Off") {


      var cBody = "Dear Bla,\n \n Some other bla bla bla.\n \n Thank you very much.";


      bUI: true,


      "" ,

      cSubject:("Leave Application form"),

      cMsg: cBody






      Any ideas?