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    Applying Warp Effects ?

    Omarb92 Level 1

      So I am trying to apply and keyframe the bend of an Warp Effect of the style Arc , But when i try to change the value of the Bend , the object moves out of the screen even though i moved its anchor point to roughly its center ? i want the effects to be applied without the object moving from its place ? afte

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Could you please try to explain with more detail? Screenshots would be excellent.

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            Omarb92 Level 1

            Sure thing ! Thanks ! So I captured this image from illustrator but i imported the layers into AE . So What happens is that i want to apply a warp effect in AE , instead of the mouth being warped in its place ( on the face ) it moves out of the white box or the " workspace " . I want the mouth to be warped right in its place without moving anywhere Capture.PNG

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What warp effect are you using?

              You might need to precompose things before you apply effects to them - especially if you're using the Continuously Rasterize button...

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                Omarb92 Level 1

                I just go to Effect > Distort > Warp ? I'm sorry I don't know what precompose or rasterize means

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Omarb92 wrote:


                  I'm sorry I don't know what precompose or rasterize means

                  If you don't know what rasterizing means, you shouldn't be working with Illustrator files in AE yet, you have some very important things to learn!

                  AI files are made up of vectors. This means they are just computer code for curves, strokes, fills, etc. This means you can scale them up thousands of times their original size and they will still be crisp and clean. That's opposed to bitmaps which are just squares of color. Scale them up and the squares get just get bigger. Ugly!

                  After Effects only works in pixels since screens are just pixels. However, it can work with vector graphics. It "rasterizes them". Rasterizing means converting vectors into bitmaps. As you can see, it works well. You can see your Illustrator file in AE.

                  But what if you want to scale it up a lot? Try it! It looks ugly! That's because AE is scaling up the bitmap data it's created for that image. However, there is a button to turn of something called "continuously rasterize". That means that it reads the vector data continuously and rasterizes it based on the vector data. Turn that switch on and VOILA! Your grungy looking image has gone back to looking vector/smooth. However, turning that switch on can mess with the render order of things. So, often, you have to precompose an element and scale it up in there first.


                  If you don't know what precomposing means, you are really going to be lost when working in After Effects. Working with precomps is one of the most basic workflow things to do in AE. If you're missing how to do that, you're missing out on a WHOLE LOT of other basic things. You are only going to get more frustrated the more you work with AE if you don't get a solid foundation in basics first. AE is not like Illustrator or Photoshop where you can just poke at it until you learn it! You MUST go through some resources first. Don't expect to pick it up too quickly either. It will probably be a month or two (or more) before you will begin to feel like you understand how to work with it. (That all depends on how you learn, what resources you go through, and how much time you can dedicate to the task.)


                  This is the best (free) resource I know: Getting started with After Effects

                  I know it may look like a lot when you first click on it, but trust me when I say that it's a lot better to take the time to go through it now than it will be to try to fight the frustration of not knowing what you're doing.


                  Now, in case you want to ignore my advice and just plow ahead, you could talk to me about how you imported your AI file. Whether all the layers are the same size or if they're cropped to the layer contents will make a big difference. I suspect that your warp is messing things up because the layer boundaries are larger than you think they are.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You need to study up on importing AI files as comps. You should also study up on separating elements in Illustrator into layers. Make sure that you preserve the layer size so the anchor points are in the center of the AI layers. Warp works on layer size so if the mouth moves to the wrong place you didn't import it correctly (retain layer size) or you drew it in Illustrator using some clipping masks or other things that make the layer bigger than it should be when imported.


                    I wouldn't have chosen Warp to animate the mouth. I would have used Puppet Pin.


                    In the future, when you are having problems with a layer select the source for the layer in the project panel so you can see the dimensions and other pertinent info in the Info panel right next to the preview in the Project Panel, then select the layer in the timeline and press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties. If you can't get things to behave by turning things off or resetting values then post a screenshot of the whole thing so we can get some kind of an idea of what's going on in your project. Something like this:

                    Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.40.27 PM.png

                    Note the size in the project panel and how warp is set to it's default values.

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                      Omarb92 Level 1

                      You have no idea how much i appreciate you taking the time to post this thourough reply ! But i understand all that about vector and bitmap i was just not familiar with some of the terms like rasterize . I will take your advice for sure and i surely do appreciate it and agree with it 100%

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                        Omarb92 Level 1

                        RIck ! Thanks alot for taking the time to help me out always when im stuck , you have no idea how mich i appreciate it !

                        yes that probably is the case here ! i will check on that