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    Question slide issue???

    amandadsmith231991 Level 1

      Newbie back again,

      1st question i am having a really hard time getting my question slide to show the "try again" option after the first attempt and then the "incorrect" option after the second attempt. No matter how much I configure it I always end up losing one or the other. It was way easier to do it in the knowledge check slides but I am looking to get results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


      2nd question, is there anyway I can change the layout of slides after they have been created (like you do in a power point presentation)? I am creating a 10 question quiz and I clicked on knowledge check, not knowing that they don't produce results at the end. I already redid the quiz with questions slides but knowing would be great!.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The Retry message is dimmed because you have 2 attempts and marked that you wanted 2 Failure messages. You should have two Incorrect captions, maybe they are still covering up each other. That is very annoying: all the feedback text containers (can be captions or shapes depending on the theme) are overlapping also in the Master slides. You can move them to see all. I mostly use shift-arrow combinations to move vertically up, easier to get them back in place after editing.


          Forgot your second question: you can change layout of quiz slides, but what you asked is not about the layout but about changing a knowledge slide to a question slide: that is not possible.

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            amandadsmith231991 Level 1


            Changed settings under the attempt properties. I even clicked the incomplete box and that message appeared. I even made sure the messages weren't overlapping. "Try again" popped up but still no failure message.

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You have 2 attempts. This will happen:

              • First attempt successful: Success message appears
              • First attempt failed: Try message appears
              • Second attempt successful: Success mesasage appears
              • Second attempt failed: Failure message appears.

              That is the design of question slides.

              More info: Question Question Slides in Captivate - Captivate blog