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    qoq summary rows

    jfb00 Level 3

      Hi All,

      I have a complex query putting multiple tables and views data using union all, such as:

      <cfquery name="preQry" dbtype="query">

      select 'groupA' as Grouping, Item as Desc, sum(fieldCalA) as fielTotal

      from tableA

      group by Grouping, Desc

      union all

      select 'groupB' as Grouping, item as Desc, sum(fieldCalA) as fielTotal

      from viewB

      group by Grouping, Desc



      The data looks like:



      groupA, ItemA, 10

      groupA, ItemB, 25

      groupB, ItemC, 30

      groupB, ItemD, 20

      groupB, ItemE, 50

      groupC, itemF, 5


      How can I add a summary row in my qoq? so my data can be like:



      groupA, 35


         ItemB, 25

      groupB, 100

        ItemC, 30

        ItemD, 20

        ItemE, 50

      groupC, 5

        ItemF, 5


      Thanks in advance.