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    how to delete previous sites and files

    brushwipe Level 1

      I have attempted twelve sites since abandoned for various reasons - mostly because I could not fathom where I was going wrong.

      Is there any way I can clear these and and any attached files from my hard disc also from Dreamweaver's welcome window listed under recent files.


      I am using Dreamweaver to work through David Power's Responsive site excellent tutorial and I have noticed small inconsistencies between David's screen shots and the way my Dreamweaver behaves.


      For instance: Editing the nav bar. I have deleted the three spans for the 'hamburger' and inserted the text Menu. I have followed the coding but when I get to <span class="glyphon the code hints do not appear which left me with putting the -chevron-down text in manually. No such image has appeared - only a little rectangle.

      I also note that the list of numbers do not correspond to those in David's code list and I get alerted to offending coding where elements need closing etc.

      This is so annoying as whenever I get these inconsistencies I naturally assume I have done something incorrectly and my reaction is to wipe the screen clear and go back to the beginning - hence my wish to clear out all the previous failures.

      OK, Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to get it right.