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    Swiping on tablets by physical orientation instead of page number


      Hi I was told that indesign has the capability to layout pages based on the physical reference of one page to another. I don't use indesign, just pdf versions of blueprints at work.


      Imagine a 3x3 grid with page numbers going left to right and bottom to top. If I'm viewing the center page 5 I want to be able to swipe up to go to page 8, down to page 2, left to page 4 and right to page 6. I also want 2 buttons that will take me up or down a level but still in the same location.


      Is this possible? If so is there a way to automate this process as much as possible by creating a utility where I could set some initial variables and then dump a set of pdf's into the utility for it to create the appropriate associations?