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    How does inDesign compare to LiveCycle Designer ES for Interactive Form Creation?

    johnf10003692 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I work as an IT assistant at a company. PRevious to my employ, my supervisor used LiveCycle Designer to create all of our forms. A lot of that work has fallen on to me now, but I'm trying to figure out which program would be the best fit. I find LiveCycle to be a little archaic and it doesn't play very well with other programs, even in the Adobe suite. More alarming, it doesn't appear to be support nearly as well as any other Adobe program, as though it were being phased out. I don't want to learn this program if it becomes obsolete soon...


      What I don't like about inDesign, is that while it covers for all the flaws stated above, it does not appear to have many of the advanced features LiveDesigner employs. These include things like behind-the-scenes calculations and scripting in the pdf itself. If I missed these options, I'd love to be corrected.


      What does the community think? Is LiveCycle Designer worth the trouble to learn, or is inDesign powerful enough to provide what i need?