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    Need Help Syncing two hard drives. This is like a story problem ;)

    Nature Mike

      Hello, I'm using the latest version of Lightroom CC on an imac and macbook. I have two external drives that I keep up to date duplicate catalogs, and image files on. (this is a fairly new practice for me) I know it's cumbersome, but I like the idea being able to edit any photo at any time in lightroom or photoshop.


      The problem is one of my drives is now missing all of my folders in the lightroom catalog and I can't figure out how to get them back.


      On drive A I created a folder for my lightroom catalog and a parent folder for all of my images. I then copied each of these to drive B. Once I opened lightroom on drive B using my laptop all I had to do was click on the parent folder and choose find missing folders and I was back in business. over the past few weeks I have gone back and forth between the drives and computers making copies and updating catalogs and image folders as I went without a problem.


      Today I accidently opened lightroom with both drives connected and was working on drive B when I thought I was working on the drive A catalog. I'm not exactly sure what I did but I lost all of the folders I had on drive A. I think I may have tried to find missing folders and chose the wrong folder, but I'm not sure. The good news is I can still work on drive B and it is fully functional, but I need to know how to get my folders back on drive A.


      Can anyone help me with this?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that you are not correctly using the two drives. One drive (A) should be your working drive, all edits done here. The other drive (B) should be your emergency backup where you frequently copy the new files from A. No work should ever be done on drive B, the backup.


          The LR catalog tracks the images files by {drive + path + name}.

          The location of the catalog is completely independent of the location of the images.

          When you copy the catalog from drive A to drive B, the catalog on B still points to the files on drive A.

          If you want to use the catalog on B with the images on B, you need to go to the Folders panel and "relocate" all the top-level folders to point to drive B.

          The same thing happens when you copy the catalog from drive B to drive A.

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            Nature Mike Level 1

            Thanks so much!!! That really helped shed some light on the situation!