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    Help! Locked into only dynamic text when I need static!


      Okay, so I'm taking a Flash course in college and for the first assignment I did, my Flash Professional CC was working fine, but now, for some reason, in the middle of working on this week's projects, the text became locked to dynamic only, when I'd really like to use Static text. Static is shaded, and so is the text option blow dynamic as well, the only one it lets me select is dynamic, which I don't want. It doesn't matter what file is open, new or old, it still does this.


      I tried to restore settings to default because I wondered if I accidentally ticked a box (or used some kind of shortcut key on accident?) that made dynamic text locked as my only text type, but I can't seem to make that work either. I've tried several times to restore to default settings, but the box that asks me if I want to never pops up after completing all of the steps.


      I'd love help on this issue because my assignment is due soon, and with the text locked as dynamic it makes this hard because it has that dotted line around it and my teacher is going to wonder why everything is in dynamic text and not static.


      Thank you so much!