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    How can I make the mouse follow as I point?

      I am brand new to captivate and incredibly frustrated. I'm trying to record a web site walkthrough and have selected "Demostration." No matter what setting I change, the mouse only moves when I click, but I want to point to things as I narrate. Can anyone help me understand how to make that happen?
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          Welcome to our community, murphisto

          Captivate doesn't exactly work in this manner. Basically here is how the process works. You open an application. You open Captivate and configure it to record the application. There are different ways to record. You elected Demonstration. When recording in Demonstration mode, the following happens.

          Where you click or type, Captivate captures the screen. The screen capture becomes the background image for the slide. The mouse coordinates are tracked. In other words, where it started and where it stopped. So each slide has a single mouse movement. On the first slide where mouse movement was recorded, you may adjust the start and end spots. But each slide afterwards only offers you the ability to adjust the mouse ending spot. The starting spot is determined by where it STOPPED on the slide before.

          You may wish to investigate using Full Motion Recording (FMR). But if you choose to go that route, you need to be aware of some factors. Captivate was never designed to be a Full Motion product. It's better than it used to be, but far from perfect. If you do record in full motion, keep it very brief. Just a few minutes worth. If you find this method of recording and playback are what you feel are best, you will find yourself constantly frustrated with Captivate. In that case, you should investigate a different product that was designed with full motion in mind. Camtasia Studio, Fraps or one of the others.

          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick