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    Need support on installing ffmpeg library on RHEL 5 machines

    Vijay Kachhawal Level 1

      Hello Adobe Support Team,


      I have used out of box CQ5 Video Player in my application which require ffmpeg library to be installed and available on unix machine for proper transcoding of the video file into DAM in order to be supported in all browser. I tried installing this library as per the steps mentioned at the adobe documentation site link (http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/cq/5-6-1/wcm/default_components/editmode.html - Search for ffmpeg on this page to reach to the correct section) but facing issues with several dependencies which I am not able to resolve even after various attempts (as I am not very much familiar with Unix/Linux OS). So it will be very helpful if you can provide with a single bundle with all dependencies in the form of rpm file format or other unix format supported by RHEL 5 machines for this library.


      Thank you all in advance. Your quick response is highly appreciated. Please update, if more details are needed from my end.