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      can you please help me with a missing invoice relative to licenses we have bought

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should be able to retrieve them by signing in to Adobe's website with your Adobe ID used to purchase licenses. Sign in and go to 'Manage My Account and follow the links.

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            http://www.gsis.gr/gsis/export/sites/default/gsis_site/ddos/entypa/6.aithsh_efarmoghs_OTHE RCOUNTRIES_APPLICAT.pdf
            Subject: claim for double taxation
            Importance: High




            Our case number is: 217693159. We purchased by internet two licenses in previous week on 20/01/2016.


            For the license invoice you issued against Mellon Technologies from your subsidiary company in Ireland with Ireland VAT no, it is also required to fill and send us the attached claim for double taxation.

            It is a procedure following only for services and not for products.

            In case of not complete this tax form meaning that we are going to deduct from the paid invoice the 20% of total amount. If we receive it, the deduction for Ireland is 5%.

            But provided that we have already paid you by credit card, you should return to our bank account, I will forward you, the 20 % or 5% of total amount, it depends on the decision you will take to fill or not the attached claim.

            When we receive something as S/W then necessarily we need to withhold tax. This withholding tax is paid from us to the Hellenic tax authorities and at the beginning of the next year, we will be able to provide to the supplier with a tax certificate. This tax certificate can be used from the supplier when he prepares the income tax calculation and add this amount as kind of “tax prepayment”

            This document should be stamped and signed by both: your company ADOBE and your local tax authority. It should be filled in one page back to back (pages turn like a normal book). We need to receive the original one.

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              For account related issues you will get faster service by getting a hold of @AdobeCare on Twitter. This is a user to user forum not always monitored by Adobe Staff.

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                MadisonLeupp Adobe Employee

                Hi dimitrisg,

                We're very sorry your call was disconnected yesterday. Your case has been properly escalated and you should be receiving a callback shortly. If you do not receive a call, please contact support directly via: Contact Customer Care - Creative Cloud for teams