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    Change keyboard shortcuts

    prowl Level 1

      So can anyone explain to me why this is so hard on windows - or after effects in general?

      After effects is apparently an advanced mature app, yet there has never been an built in way of changing keyboard shortcuts.  There is a script but impossible to find. KeyEd up... but it doesn't seem to have every shortcut.


      In OSX you can simply add shortcuts to ANY Top menu item in the system preferences. 


      Basically I want a single key short cut for Guide Layer. Why is that so hard!?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I love the way you can manage keyboard shortcuts in Cinema 4D. If you would like to see this improved in AE, please file a feature request. The more feature requests they get, the higher up their priority queue it gets pushed. Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            prowl Level 1

            You are kidding right?


            Pretty much EVERY single Compositor and designer  I know has asked for this for the last 15 years.


            Adobe work on what they want to work on and never listen to us.   They change things that are not broken, don't fix things that are and Stick in new Features that no-one ever asked for and when they do the implementation is shonky to say the least... Roth brush... looks great in the demos.  Shocking in real life.


            It really is a terrible program which is full of obsolete workflows and legacy plugins.   Everything is inconsistent and messy.  Even the timeline curves work like NO other application - and that is not a compliment.


            BUT - they have ZERO competition for what it does.  Nuke is the closest but really doesn't do things the right way for Motion graphics.



            AE need a complete re-write from scratch.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I know what you mean. I've asked for it too! But asking for it on the forums is not the same as filing a feature request. A lot of people talk about it here or on the COW, but don't go so far as to actually file an official request.


              It's astounding that they don't have a good option for changing the keyboard shortcuts. A pro-level app needs to be able to be customized for the various kinds of work that are being done. You can customize the ever-living crap out of C4D. Add buttons for nearly any command to any place in the interface you want. It's great! AE needs to step up its game. At the very least we should be able to customize our key commands!


              prowl wrote:



              AE need a complete re-write from scratch.

              They are in the middle of that right now with the new architecture they partly introduced with CC 2015. Hopefully once they sort the core issues of the renderer and I/O, they can turn to this area.


              I don't blame the After Effects team, by the way - they are an embarrassingly small team (especially when compared to the [much less complicated Photoshop]). They have to prioritize much to harshly. Adobe does not give the AE team nearly enough resources to get things done. This picture from the After Effects World Conference in 2014 shows nearly the entire team, including software engineering, quality engineering, marketing, UI design, and product management:

              https://www.facebook.com/AfterEffectsWorldConference/photos/pb.567725683267399.-2207520000 .1431531013./833114410061857/?type=3&theater

              That's not acceptable in my book. Why the heck is Photoshop introducing 3d printing capabilities? There is no reason for that! They're inventing needless things to do while the AE team don't even have the people to get their basic stuff built. It makes me angry just thinking about it.