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    Error exporting PDF to Excel and HTML on Win7


      I just downloaded a trial version of Acrobat Pro DC on Windows 7 and I'm trying to export a fillable form to Excel and HTML. Both come out terribly wrong.


      I'd like to create a form as an email attachment to capture input data that I can export to my Excel Workbook to update my Contact List. The fields on my form are obviously the columns on my spreadsheet. But when I export the form as a spreadsheet, this happens:


      XL PDF.jpg


      As you can see, the field labels and text boxes are all out of whack.


      It doesn't get better when I export the form as an HTML page. Here's the image:


      HTML PDF.png


      All I get are text boxes! The labels are on a separate page! Here's the image of my Acrobat form:


      PDF form.jpg


      As you can see, my reality is more like a work of science fiction.



      Also, how do I insert a submit button?