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    John Hall Level 4
      Not that I need yet another framework to play with, but I'm curious if anyone has experimented with bojinx. Since I don't use Cairngorm, it's difficult for me to assess its utility, but am always curious about new tools associated with Flex.
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          run,ryan! Level 3
          Just try cairngorm, it may looks complex, but it's so popular so you can get documents, tutorial and examples easily.
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            Hey there I've used Bojinx in 4 projects now. It's easy to get to grips with like Cairngorm but it's way faster to develop in and much much more flexible and powerful. There is loads of info on the Bojinx site to help you get started.

            The core of Bojinx works great but the plug ins are constantly being updated to make them better but they all work well enough and bugs in the plugins are fixed quickly.