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    Help with how cfhttpparam work.

    2Charlie Level 1

      This is what it says on the API Basics | KnowledgeOwl site. But it seemed that for it to work, the full URL look something like this.


      https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/category/5697c6a632131cd740bd3123.json?_authbykey=56 a7d8c512331c4058361687&project…


      So, this is my attempt in using cfhttpparam.


      <cfhttp url="https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/category/.json?" method="GET" >

        <cfhttpparam name="categoryID" value="c6a632131cd740bd3123">

        <cfhttpparam name="_authbykey" value="56a7d8c512331c4058361687">

        <cfhttpparam name="project_id" value="55c4ffd131231c527e294fe6">



      Okay, so I got Error in custom script module error. Any suggestion is much appreciated.