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    ERROR 16





      Bovenkant formulier


      Dear Sir / Madam


      Onderkant formulier





      I can not write English and doing the translation through a translation

      machine windows



      Already since months I have issues with your programs' six Lightroom and

      Photoshop Elements 13 "



      This is me really bue this has cost me already a lot of money because I have

      to pay my computer specialist



      to chat with you




      These programs I've officially acquired with a license number



      But your manager, or whatever it may be, controlled everything constantly




      He regularly asked to enter the license code or want the program to stop




      He says then install programs again ............ do not stop it



      As you can see, last week I did what you had recommended me in your mail



      and yes reinstalled




      Today new problem




      At startup says Lightroom "ERROR 16" Reinstalling



      When does this end !!!!!




      Please read these problems once and for all solve !!









      Onderkant formulier














      It looks like Lightroom is making a call the the AGkernel.dll file This can

      happen when AGkernel.dll is damaged and needs to be repaired or AGKernel.dll

      is the wrong version and needs to be updated to the correct version.




      Here are some things you can do to fix the file:


      *     Re register AGKernel.dll with Windows:



      *     Install all available updates for Windows:


      Install Windows updates

      *     Uninstall and reinstall Lightroom from


      Install Photoshop Lightroom (not from CD)




      Let us klnow if that helps.






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