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    Lightroom CC iMac 5k fan blows at import


      Hello everyone,


      I've just bought a brand new iMac 5k and LIghtroom CC and the fan starts to blow at full speed during rendering the previews.


      That happens after 50+ images (Sony Rx100, RAW, 20MP) during the rendering of the previews.


      Is that normal? I called apple support and they said it is an Adobe LR Problem because during the process teh activity monitor shows that LR has 500+% usage while the CPU and RAM usage is somewhere around 10%.


      I installed smcFan and the Temp raises to ~50°C and the fan rpm to 2200.


      The weird thing is that if I export like 300images in full resolution as JPGs the Temp raises to 60°C but the fan speed stays between 1200 and 1300rpm.


      It's the same if I activate or deactivate graphic acceleration.


      Btw... If I export like 2000 images in Full JPG from Aperture the temp doesn't rise even 1C°!


      See my setup below. Any help is really appreciated!


      iMac late 2015

      • 4Ghz i7
      • 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
      • AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB
      • 512 GB SSD flash


      Catalogue and Settings

      • Pictures separate in Folders
      • Smart Preview
      • standard Preview 2880px