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    It is possible that my project got corrupted

    bogaem Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I already asked this question to Peter, as my login into the forum would not work, so please Peter, accept my apologies for that.

      When I open a topic, the font box is toggling between TimesNewRoman and Verdana, making very difficult for me to choose the font.

      Also, when I try to update a picture in a topic, the new picture does not update in the topic, though in the preview I saw the new picture.

      Also, just 5 minutes ago, I tried to change something minor in the topic as the font for the entire topic changed just because I deleted one character. Therefore I think that the project is in a pretty bad shape...

      I am using a shared domain where I have shared pictures and topics between 2 projects.

      I think I received long time ago a quick fix about how to repair a corrupted project, however I do not know if it would apply in the present situation.


      Thank you in advance