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    Lightroom Aspect Ratio Export/Crop Issues


      SOS to anyone who has Lightroom knowledge:


      I'm trying to export a photo at 1500x572 @ 72ppi, using fully updated Lightroom CC on WIndows 7 (Photo MUST be exactly this size and the editing bay is unchangeable).

      I enter my crop ratio of 1500x572, which Lightroom converts to 9.80x3.74 (I checked the math, this is correct).

      Export Image Sizing settings: Resize to fit 1500x572 Resolution 72ppi

      Great. Except...... when I export, I get an image that is 1499x572 ?!

      One pixel off?????

      Can anyone help me find a solution? I've tried everything I can think of (updates, using 9.8x3.739, etc).

      I know for sure it is an issue with my computer editing bay, because my coworker has the exact same system and exported the exact same image without issue.

      I have Photoshop as a work-around but I am looking for a Lightroom-based solution. So befuddled by this! Thanks in advance.