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    OK to have multiple Catalog back-ups on different hard drives?

    Teri Bloom Level 1


      I always back-up my catalog to one hard drive within my tower computer, which was the first drive to hold Lightroom 2008-2012.

      In 2013 I started storing 2013- 2015 photos on a second hard drive, but have still been backing catalog up to first hard drive.


      I'd like to have a few copies of the catalog for obvious reasons, so is it OK to alternately switch between 2 different HDs on the same tower computer when I back up or no?

      I seem to remember hearing we should keep catalog on original destination disk as first set-up and don't want to mess anything up.


      Would it be better to keep catalog on original 2008-2012 data drive and occasionally save on an external LaCie instead?

      Also the catalog is saving but not the previews -- do previews still save in LR 4.4, or that was in older versions?

      I don't care so much about previews but noticed they weren't saving.


      super thanks, Teri