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    Problem with PhotoshopCS6 CameraRaw update installation failed because a Error Code:U44M2P7


      Hi there,

      I have a problem with PhotoshopCS6.

      I wanted to do a CameraRaw update but during the installation a failed warning appeared saying  Error Code:U44M2P7

      When I tried to understand the meaning of it what I found is that maybe I should/need to reinstall the Photoshop CS6 application.

      My question is: Is this the solution of the problem and if it is so; since I have bought  I downloaded my Photoshop CS6 application from the adobe website, so now how can I do that , can I doit again, and if I can should I erase before the photoshopCS6 application I have on my computer before installing it again?

      Thank you for your help, TosiP