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    Creating Charts

    tstoessel Level 1

      I am a teacher and want to get into creating my own anchor charts for the classroom. I want to design them so that they can be printed both as an 8x11 print as well as poster-size if the person purchasing so chooses (I would like to put them on teacherspayteachers.com). Does this program come with clip art, different fonts, and customizable borders? Would that be something I would have to go to Adobe Illustrator to use or could I do this with InDesign? Thank you.

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Both Illustrator and InDesign can be said to facilitate the use and manipulation of clip art, fonts, borders, etc., but because the market for these applications is comprised primarily of graphic design professionals who typically create from scratch, they don't really come with an arsenal of pre-made artwork.

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            tstoessel Level 1

            Okay. So would it better then to make those sorts of things through regular Adobe and buying a fonts and clipart kit? Or even with illustrator if I buy a clipart kit? I appreciate any advice. I'm new to this.

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm not really sure what you mean by "regular Adobe."

              I appreciate any advice. I'm new to this.

              I strongly suggest you download and install the 30-day free trail of Creative Cloud so you can get a feel for the learning curve you may be undertaking. Ideally, for professional graphics output you'd be working vector-based graphics in Illustrator, pixel-based images in Photoshop, and composing layouts in InDesign. The clip art, fonts, etc., that you seek would have to come from other sources in appropriate formats.


              I don't want to discourage you, but I also would want to avoid sending you down a path that will ultimately overload you without yielding a good result. My daughter is a teacher, and I know how little time there can be for managing must-have's, let alone nice-to-have's. Honestly, I believe you should also consider looking into something closer to a consumer-level package, perhaps of the type offered by Broderbund, for example. That would give you a bunch of clip art, templates, and fonts, along with affording you a shorter path to finished product.