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    Not able to re-import images in Lightroom after system upgrade to Windows 10

    althegolferf Level 1

      A brief history: I upgraded to Windows 10. The video driver kept crashing (I didn't do a clean install, an upgrade) and so I decided to uninstall the driver and do a clean install of it. To do so it was recommended that I start in SAFE mode. I got locked out because it asked for a password which I didn't have because I used a pin number. A boat-load of minor issues plus the fact there appeared to be no way around the safe mode password issue pushed me to reload the OS which I did on a new SDD. All went well. I kept the same letters for my external storage drives. When I installed LR I discovered that Windows had changed my "K" drive to "E". I changed it back but it now carries BOTH drive letters.

      Fast forward to LR: I don't have the folders from my "K" drive in my library.

      At that point I resigned to re-importing the folders. Despite having 50 or more I can do this. Well this is weird: When I select "Import" the thumbnails appear and then the "SUSPECTED DUPLICATES" are of course are not checked!Obviously LR is telling me that those files are already in LR, but where??? The files that I CAN import are those that I removed from LR.

      ANY suggestions?